Picture of Sarracenia purpurea - The Huntsman's Horn

Sarracenia purpurea - The Huntsman's Horn

Divided in to 2 sub-species, purpurea and venosa, this plant produces small water filled open pitchers to about 5 inches in height. They are usually green with varying amounts of red veining, with some being entirely red. Sub-species purpurea is the northern form and is completely hardy.
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Picture of subsp. purpurea -The Purple Pitcher
subsp. purpurea -The Purple Pitcher

The northern sub-species, and without doubt the hardiest Sarracenia (though they all are hardy in the UK). There are introduced populations of this plant in the UK, Ireland, and even Switzerland!

Picture of subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla
subsp. purpurea f. heterophylla

An all green anthocyanin free form, an albino if you like. This vibrant lime green variant is very slow to divide.


Picture of subsp. venosa
subsp. venosa

The southern form and not quite as hardy, only to around minus 15 celsius!