Picture of Sarracenia x cv. 'Joyce Cooper'

Sarracenia x cv. 'Joyce Cooper'

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The first time this new hybrid has been offered and I'm happy to say one of only a couple of plants I have named over nearly 35 years of growing these fascinating plants.

These plants are unusual in that they produce an orange/red colouration which appears to be air brushed on, so is not the solid block colour you normally see. The veins on the rear of the lid are reversed out so they are green on a dark background, rather than red on green.

The flowers are a brick red colour with short petals beneath dark copper sepals, and the leaves are to around 15 inches in height.

It results from a cross between an all red S. x catesbaei and S. moorei cv. 'Brooks Hybrid', crossed in 1999 and named for my paternal Grandmother.

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