Tuberous Species
Found predominantly in Australia, the tuberous species grow in the cooler winter months, retreating underground to a storage structure called a tuber, the commonest example being a potato. They employ this method of dormancy to avoid the savagely hot summer season. In cultivation they follow this same scenario and are great to grow on a sunny windowsill or greenhouse with a winter minimum of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit). In the growing season, allow the pot to stand in a thin film of water, replenishing only when it is all absorbed. Once dormant, the pots should be stood somewhere cool, for example underneath the greenhouse benching, and allow a little water from the base every couple of months, until new growth appears in the autumn. As the tubers can be found some distance down, it's a good idea to grow these plants in deep pots, or standard depth and re-pot every year, when you will find that many species have divided and produced secondary tubers. As these are very fragile plants when in growth, they will only be sent our between April and September/October whilst still dormant.