Sub-tropical Species
The sub-tropical species require a winter minimum of around 7 degrees Celsius (45 degrees Fahrenheit). In the summer months they can be grown in full sun, either in a greenhouse or a sunny windowsill, and include among their ranks some of the most beautiful members of the genus.
Picture of Drosera admirabilis
This South African plant is similar in appearence to D.aliciae, but differs in that is smaller (to about 2cm in diameter) and overall is more compact.

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Picture of Drosera aliciae
Another South African plant which produces flat circular rosettes to about 5 centimeters held flat to the soil. DIFFERENT FORMS AVAILABLE.

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Picture of Drosera capensis
A showy South African species which forms strap shaped leaves, half the length of which are covered in sticky tentacles. DIFFERENT FORMS AVAILABLE.

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Picture of Drosera slackii
A handsome rosetted South African species, producing loose rosettes of vivid crimson leaves to 8 cm in diameter.


Picture of Drosera spatulata
This species is found throughout Asia and southwards in to Australasia.


Picture of Drosera regia
The King Sundew


Picture of Drosera cuneifolia
South Africa


Picture of Drosera latifolia