Found only in the extreme south western corner of Australia, Cephalotus is the smallest of the pitcher plants. It is a small low-growing rosetted plant, which bears both green non-carnivorous leaves, and intricate fluid filled pitchers to about an inch in height which vary in colour from green to rich burgundy depending on light intensity. Mainly crawling insects are caught. Grown at its best in full light with a winter minimum of 5°C (41°F), it develops its deep colouration and produces inconspicuous, small white flowers on scapes to 2 feet in height. Keep wet in summer, damp in winter, and avoid wetting the crown of the plant in winter as this can encourage botrytis.

Picture of Cephalotus follicularis - The Albany Pitcher Plant
Finally, we have a large enough stock to offer this beautiful plant! These are young hard grown, ie not tissue cultured, plants in 7 cm pots. Keep in full sun, wet in the summer, damp in winter. Surprisingly cold tolerant, they have taken them down to minus 6 celcius and re-grow from their roots!